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Betty Merken


As a non-serial abstract painter, it was quite by accident that I discovered the monotype medium. The improvisational, painterly nature of this unique printmaking process was instantly an inspiration to me as I witnessed my images emerge from metal plates, luscious inks, and handmade papers.

The ability to sequence my imagery and to create variations from one image to another creates a counterpoint to the non-serial nature of my painting practice, and I am inspired by the many ways in which my monotypes resonate in a distinct but parallel language to my paintings.

My paintings and my works on paper offer multiple paths into territory made familiar through modernist geometry and build on my affinities with the work of artists such as Barnett Newman, Piet Mondrian, and Mark Rothko.

Although the physical construction of my work is often architectural, I work intuitively, and my painterly impulse cannot be contained. It is highly indulged, often echoing the freedoms of the Abstract Expressionists. I am truly committed to the spiritual endeavor of painting and to the sense of mystery that all great paintings provide.