Mark di Vincenzo


Mark di Vincenzo Biography

            Five years ago I began a series of paintings purely inspired by nature’s form and it’s abstraction.  I became very interested in the layers of pattern, color and depth.  I found a wealth of material.

As much as I look around me, living in cities such as Buffalo and Brooklyn, NY, and travels around the world, I am always pulled to water.  Being alone, taking time experiencing the “natural” world allowed my imagination to flourish and reason out what’s lacking in our connection to each other.  Wherever I travel I rely on my instinctive senses to put me in the right place to stop and record the perfect composition that fits my present mission.  In terms of water and being drawn to it, it is mysterious and symbolizes life and death.  The dualities are simultaneous and exhibit the middle exchange of the two.  As we are constantly looking and seeking understandings of life, to me it’s all about balance.  As much as I like to conceptualize, it is also important for me to always have a contrast in composition to tease the intellect, from what is real yet abstract.  Lately, it’s all about ice.  Ice is one big abstract painting and being a natural Western New Yorker the colors are what I’ve been brought up with and they are so unusually beautiful.

            For the most part I use off-square shapes for a specific compositional pattern that helps conceptualize the “birds-eye” view.  I like to use diptychs as well; the format creates a perfect sense and resolution to the problem, balancing two opposing sides, which cannot work without each other.  I love the act of painting and recreating a scene in a magical way for others to especially appreciate.  Lastly, what is really important to me is the effect and what people are left with after they view my work.  In this chaotic world of constant flux, I hope they are left inspired.