Thomas Hager


Thomas Hager Biography

The cyanotype and kallitype processes are vintage photographic processes in which chemicals are mixed and hand coated on a high quality paper or fabric. A negative is then contact printed on the paper or fabric (exposure is made by sunlight). The size of the negative dictates the size of the final image.  The cyanotype has a blue tint while the kallitype has a sepia tint.

I am drawn to these processes not only for their painterly aesthetic and historical contribution, but for the hands-on print making aspect; I become much more involved in the creation of the art piece.  These vintage processes became a perfect puzzle piece for my botanical studies, which celebrate the intricate details and subtle beauty of nature. The painterly, less photographic quality brings a new atmosphere to the work, which intrigues me.  These processes become more dimensional due to the chemicals' ability to get into the fibers of the paper rather than staying on top as with traditional photographic paper. This creates a soft, tactile surface which is congruous with real life botanicals.  My investigation of these vintage processes has not only increased my life long exploration of the medium of photography, but has helped me make a profound statement about my subject matter.

-Thomas Hager