Tyler Haughey at AIPAD


PRESS RELEASE: Tyler Haughey at AIPAD, Apr  4 - Apr  7, 2019

Tyler Haughey at AIPAD
Apr 4 – Apr 7, 2019

New York, NY- Sears-Peyton Gallery is pleased to feature a presentation of photographs by Tyler Haughey at The Photography Show in 2019. Haughey’s work examines the built environment of northeastern coastal towns and explores how we use, interact with, and remember fleeting moments at places designed for summer recreation.

As a native of the Jersey Shore, Haughey is influenced by the seasonal economy and vernacular characteristics of tourist destinations. His project Ebb Tide takes as its subject The Wildwoods, a group of small coastal towns in southern New Jersey which are home to a trove of midcentury modern motels that make up the largest concentration of postwar resort architecture in the United States. Adopting a spare aesthetic and using contemporary materials such as poured concrete and glass, the motels brought European high modernism to the American middle class. Facing a steep decline in visitors during the off-season, most decide to close and sit vacant for nine months every year, dormant time capsules of summers past.

Haughey draws inspiration from an array of artists who have used this landscape in some of their most important work, such as the writer John McPhee, architect Andrew Geller, theorist Steve Izenour, and photographers Gregory Conniff and George Tice. His first book, Everything Is Regional, was published in 2018 and features an introduction by Adam Giles Ryan, former Curator of Photography at SFMOMA.