Kathryn Lynch, Choppy Waters


PRESS RELEASE: Kathryn Lynch, Choppy Waters, Nov  4 - Dec 18, 2010

Kathryn Lynch, Choppy Waters
Nov 4 – Dec 18, 2010

 Choppy Waters

November 4 -December 18, 2010


 Opening Reception

 Thursday, November 4, 5-7pm


Choppy Waters is the third solo exhibition of paintings by New York artist Kathryn Lynch to be presented at Sears-Peyton Gallery. Comprised of a series of large-scale oil paintings on canvas, alongside a few smaller canvases and paintings on paper, these new works feature compositions centered on a small sailboat navigating stormy waters and a charged climate. They are both intimate and grand in scale.


At once vulnerable and durable, the repeated image of the sailboat brings a nostalgic hint of remorse. There is a strong reference to voyage, however that is balanced by one of the largest paintings in the show which depicts the shadowy image of a house. This new element introduced into this series by the artist allows for an additional layer of narrative.  "Is this a place to take refuge, a final destination, or a dwelling for escape?" Lynch's command over the imagery and paint handling offers mystery and allure to this cycle of paintings.


 While the palette may initially be perceived as monochromatic, each painting is a jewel encapsulating a specific environment. Through subtle tones of bottle green, midnight or sky blue, Kathryn Lynch's brushstrokes create a mixture of personal struggle and artistic triumph.


The work of Kathryn Lynch is constantly shifting, changing, and evolving. Each painting is an exploration and combination of an inner and outer world. Lynch describes her art making experience as "getting to go on an adventure." These paintings are bold, raw, and free by an artist who is not afraid of navigating unchartered territory.