At a Languorous Pace

Wall. Flower.

June 29, 2017 - Make Magazine UK

‘I have always been fascinated by colour. I need it around me and on me’.

Patricia Iglesias. Artist. New York City.

‘There were several things that motivated this last body of work, but two of them were the death of a close friend and the other was the birth of a baby. Flowers were something that both these events shared.

In these important rituals of life like weddings, funerals and celebrations, flowers are ever present, announcing beginnings and endings, so they became a good starting point for my work.  Flowers have been used in decoration from textiles to wallpapers and silverware and are often associated with the idea of making things more beautiful. In my opinion, flowers are also used as a way of concealing, hiding the ugliness and the pain and the rotten.