Roz Leibowitz, Shadowland

The New York Times: To Each Her Own

January 22, 2009 - Suzanne Slesin, The New York Times

"Roselyn Leibowitz and Catherine Redmond have been friends for years, and as friends do, they would often talk about how they imagined their futures. They would discuss how they wanted to live when they were older, and what would make the best balance in a living situation. Both are artists, and agreed they wanted companionship but a great deal of privacy.

"Ms. Leibowitz, who is now 54, and who proudly calls herself “a spinster,” and Ms. Redmond, 65, who is divorced, would often meet for coffee or dinner in the ’90s because they both lived in TriBeCa and shared a work space. “We would sit for hours,” Ms. Leibowitz recalled. “That’s when Catherine and I really became closer friends.”"

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Alarm Magazine: Roz Leibowitz

February 1, 2008 - Emma Tramposch, Alarm Magazine

"In Roz Leibowitz’s estimation, making art is about “being in [correct] alignment to the cosmic show.” However, her intricate pencil drawings and collages are not portrayals of a fantastical realm but rather depict a curios blend of vernacular culture relating to folk art and folk belief.

"In particular, she is influenced by the Victorian sensibility of ideas and interiors. Her work is compelled by notions of womanhood as expressed in the pseudo-sciences of that period, a time when scientific rationality was emerging as a dominant world view."

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