Celia Gerard, Lost at Sea

ARTslant: A Form Between Forms: An Interview with Celia Gerard

January 20, 2014 - Charlie Schultz, ARTslant

"Celia Gerard is an artist for whom two sticks of charcoal, a bit of white paint, and a strong sheet of paper is plenty of material. "Line Quality" could be her mantra, and looking at her works one can see why. Gerard's abstract compositions are built on geometric foundations of linear marks that may be subtle or bold but are always decisive. While her solo exhibition, "Lost at Sea," was being hung, ArtSlant editor Charlie Schultz paid Gerard a visit to discuss her newest body of work."

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The Daily Beast: In 'Lost at Sea" Exhibition, Celia Gerard's Sculpture Turns into Drawing

January 11, 2014 - Justin Jones, The Daily Beast

"Celia Gerard's mixed-media works hang in a balance of solidity and transparency, sculpture and drawing, as she finds a way to dig deeper into space.

"The eight compositions on display at the Sears-Peyton Gallery are a continuation of a body of work. “The work started when I was studying at the [New York] Studio School,” Gerard told The Daily Beast Thursday night at the opening of her new show, Lost at Sea. “I was working in low relief… and I realized that I wasn’t able to go as deep [into the space] as I wanted to,” she said, mentioning her formal training as a sculptor. “So I moved to drawing out of necessity.”"

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